Les Allen photographs

Purchasing prints:

All prints are made exclusively by the Artist and are available for purchase.

A note on the process:
Les does not employ the digital medium at any point in his photographic process––his process is strictly analog.

  All prints are archival and have been made to the highest quality on double-weight premium gelatin-silver paper.
Les uses large-format silver-based sheet film exclusively to make negatives to print in the traditional “wet” darkroom using the finest photographic chemicals available.

  Les primarily uses 8x10 and 11x14 size sheet film, on occasion smaller formats are used.  Les develops his own film, one sheet at a time, and customizes the development of each individual negative to realize its specific desired tonal range.

  Each of his prints are an expressive interpretation of the original negative and not necessarily a literal rendering of what is initially captured in the lens. There are many tools and post production processes that are used in addition, to create the final master print.

For any questions or to make purchase inquiries please contact

Les Allen at:
[email protected]
phone: 815 994-0842

All prints will be mounted on 4 ply acid-free museum board.
Over matting, framing with glazing is available for an additional cost.

​Print sizes available:
8x10 (on special request)
30x40 (on special request)

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